Good Beer Week is the best beer week in the world, according to many of the world's leading craft brewers. 

Good Beer Week has grown from the spark of an idea to a global festival made up of more than 300 diverse and innovative events across Melbourne and Victoria that attracts seventy five thousand attendees from across Australia and overseas.

GBW is presented by the Independent Brewers Association (IBA) which strives to build a strong, sustainable future for our industry and to unify our sector under the vision of Quality Independent Beer Everywhere. GBW is the biggest single platform for brewers and beer businesses to showcase their products to a broad audience. We're also proud to partner with the Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA) and the three-day GABS Craft Beer & Cider Festival as part of the overall celebration.

The purpose of GBW is to: 

 Promote and encourage the appreciation of good beer to a wide audience 

Educate the public about good beer, and more importantly, independent beer 

Increase the market for good beer and 

Support local and regional producers of good beer and the venues that support them. 

To encourage more people into the good beer world, we divide the annual program into four streams to make it easier for attendees to discover what stage of their good beer experience they are at. These are; Foodie, Beer Lover, Beer Geek, and Good Times, as well as Beer School for education.

The curated program allows the best of the beer industry to shine through, with the standard of events improving year on year, through the creativity and ingenuity of brewers and venues alike. From jewellery making, to wrestling, to tinny parties, to massive long table dinners and events focused on healthy well being.

"Good Beer Week Melbourne is hands down one of the best beer events I've experienced in my brewing career. The variety of events, the enthusiasm of consumers, and the organization should be a model for beer weeks worldwide."
Ben Edmunds, brewmaster of Breakside Brewery, Oregon