Nailing Your GBW Event - Part One

How do you put together a killer Good Beer Week event that stands out in the program, sells tickets, and keeps customers coming back again and again even once Good Beer Week is over? We ask Dave Langlands, general manager of Foresters Pub and Dining, what makes an amazing GBW event for him.

Foresters Pub and Dining, and its sister venue Terminus Hotel Fitzroy North, have been running and nailing Good Beer Week events for years. From the Terminus' regular Vic vs the World dinners, to hosting first Pint of Origin Europe then Pint of Origin New Zealand at Foresters, beer events are a key part of what these two venues do.

So, who better to give some insight on what makes an amazing event, than general manager Dave Langlands?

Why does Foresters love Good Beer Week? 

People. It seems weird to say but Good Beer Week for us is about so much more than good beer. The highlight of every Good Beer Week we've ever been involved in is the people.

Beer people are the best people and Good Beer Week is one of the best weeks of the year to celebrate all of the amazing, creative, eccentric and awesome people who love brewing, selling, talking about and drinking good beer. We've had so many special moments with so many special people here over the years, and we can't wait for it to come around every year to do it all again.

What makes a good beer event to you?

Our number one rule for every event we do is that above everything it has to be fun. Not only for the attendees but also for the brewers and staff. 

Beer is casual, unpretentious and fun, and every event we hold tries to keep this at the very core of it. Other essential things we think make a good event are interactivity, value for money and little surprises to keep everyone on their toes.

Best piece of advice for a venue or brewery looking to do their first GBW event?

Be original. Don't just do another carbon copy beer event that's been done a million times before. Instead, invest some time in the concept and try to come up with something that will stand out from the crowd. 

Make sure you know exactly what the event is before you start advertising it. Planning the event, costing it out and knowing exactly what punters are getting for their money is so important. It will help you so much more in planning and communicating what your event is all about to everyone involved. 

Finally, don't be greedy. Events are a marketing exercise for venues and breweries alike. Work out how much the event is going to cost you and keep the ticket prices as close to this as possible. It makes the event more accessible, allows you to sell more tickets and if people come along, have a great time and get good value for money they'll be a loyal customer for life.

Thanks so much Dave! The Good Beer Week team can't wait to see what Foresters and the Terminus Hotel bring to #GBW18!

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